• Weekly Infographic: For Webmasters Facing Penguin’s Ire!
    [March 17, 2015] Getting penalized by Penguin is one of the most frustrating experiences a webmaster may face. Most have no idea why they are facing the ire of Penguin and what needs to be done to escape and gain resurgence in rankings.
  • Google Panda and Penguin Algorithms Don’t Have Whitelists
    [February 13, 2015] Google’s John Mueller in Google+ webmaster hangout addressed a question where he talked about the whitelists. He said that for some algorithms Google does have a whitelist but for others they did not.He specifically mentioned that for the Penguin and Panda algorithms, a whitelist or exception list does not exist.
  • Chromebook Will Run Linux in Its Own Window
    [January 5, 2015] Google “Happiness Evangelist” François Beaufort announced on Google+ that a Google intern added support to run Crouton (Chromium OS Universal Chroot Environment) in a Chrome OS Window. This means people can run the Linux distributions of their choice on Chrome OS Devices in a window without having to jump between virtual terminals, which was the […]
  • Facebook Parse Hits Important Benchmark With Apps Created
    [December 4, 2014] Facebook just provided some growth stats for Parse, the cloud application platform it acquired last year. According to the company, 500,000 apps have been created with Parse and hundreds of thousands of Parse developers are located outside the U.S.
  • Google Adds Mobile Usability Reports as a New Feature to Webmaster Tools!
    [October 31, 2014] Mobile is expanding at a fast pace in terms of usage as well as screen size. Keeping this in mind, Google has added the Mobile Usability feature to Google’s Webmaster Tools. This new feature enables identification of issues pertaining to mobile usability with graphs so that progress can be tracked. Mobile friendly sites can be […]
  • SEO for Web Developers
    [October 6, 2014] September 26th, I presented at the Little Rock Tech Fest, held in Little Rock, Arkansas. The topic was SEO for Web Developers or simply SEO for Developers. The site UserGroup.TV was there, and recorded just about all of the presentations and put them online. If you weren’t at the conference, or were unable to see […]
  • Webmaster Tools API Receives Update From Google
    [September 15, 2014] Google announced that it has updated the Webmaster Tools API to make it more consistent with other Google APIs. Those who already use other Google APIs, the company says, should find this one easy to implement.
  • Facebook App Links Receive Analytics Support
    [August 29, 2014] Facebook announced updates to App Links to give developers new analytics support, so they can analyze and segment mobile traffic.
  • Ahead Of The Fire Phone Release, Amazon Sees Heightened Developer Interest
    [July 28, 2014] Amazon’s new Fire phone will see its release on Friday, and the company is taking the opportunity to talk about the developer “excitement” related to the platform and features that are unique to the device.
  • Now Add Bing Knowledge Widget Feature Directly into your Site through Bing Webmaster Tools
    [July 3, 2014] Bing announced, it has added Bing Knowledge Widget feature directly into Bing Webmaster Tools. Also, a new type called “Interactive only” has been added which will only work when a user highlights content on the page. The Knowledge Widget is a JavaScript-based widget for webmasters that helps in detecting and visualizing entities on the webpage. […]
  • 8 Cool things About iOS 8
    [June 9, 2014] So, the day has come and gone and Apple has unveiled iOS 8, the biggest release since the launch of the App Store, giving users incredible new features and developers the tools to create amazing new apps. So what’s the big deal? Well, there’s a ton to discuss about this release, however, to kick things […]
  • DevTip – Open Data Means Opportunity: The Food Truck App Example
    [May 9, 2014] So, you wanna grab a bite to eat. Chances are good that if you live in or near a cool, hipster filled city that a food truck may be close by. Think opportunity! I recently stumbled onto a cool mobile food truck app for my city (Victoria, BC) and there’s no reason why you can’t […]
  • Use jQuery To Create an Interactive Map
    [April 15, 2014] jQuery is a popular technology tool with the map geeks these days. Here’s a training resource that might help you to get up and running with jQuery – enjoy! In Create an Interactive Map with jQuery, Chris Converse shows how to design and create a rich interactive map for a web site, working in a […]
  • Google Recommends Disavowing Links Even If You Haven’t Been Penalized
    [March 17, 2014] Google suggests you go ahead and use its Disavow Links tool if you know of bad links you have out there, even if Google has not penalized you. If you only have a couple, don’t worry about it, but the more you have, the more you’ll want to do it (again, according to Google).
  • Samsung wants you to make Gear 2 apps, ASAP
    [February 28, 2014] Samsung on Wednesday introduced tools that will allow developers to create apps for the company’s new wearables and flagship Galaxy S5 smartphone.The company, speaking at a developer day at Mobile World Congress, released a software development kit for its Gear 2 smartwatch, which is based on the Tizen operating system, and an SDK for its […]
  • Geek Reading January 23, 2014
    [January 23, 2014] I have talked about human filters and my plan for digital curation. These items are the fruits of those ideas, the items I deemed worthy from my daily reading. These items are a combination of tech business news, development news and programming tools and techniques. You will note that some of the formatting has changed, […]
  • Check your Google Authority with the New Author Rank Tool by Virante!
    [December 30, 2013] In the age of new semantic web, authority of an author plays an important role in determining the value of the content. Although, Google has not introduced any author rank yet, Virante & Mark Traphagen have come up with their own Author Rank tool that will help authors in assessing their authority & value.
  • Developers To Test The Wearable Device Market
    [December 2, 2013] With smartphones now dominating mobile phone sales worldwide, manufacturers are looking past tablets toward the next untapped device market. Judging by the success of the poorly-reviewed Samsung Galaxy Gear, the next big market is shaping up to be wearable devices.
  • Google Introduces AdSense Certified Partner Program
    [November 4, 2013] Similar to Google Analytics and Google AdWords, Google has introduced a certified partner program for AdSense. The details of the program are available at http://www.google.com/adsense/start/partners/.
  • Expanding your Website to More Languages; Webmaster Video by Maile Ohye!
    [October 7, 2013] Maile Ohye from Google has shared an informative video to help site owners in expanding their website to more languages. In the video, Maile provides info to site owners hoping to keep their site search engine friendly as they expand to new languages or country based language variations.
  • New Mobile Analytics Tools Announced By Parse
    [September 9, 2013] If you use any kind of analytics in your mobile app, you just might use Parse. It’s one of the most popular mobile analytics platforms on the market, and the team behind it have announced some new tools that will make it even better.
  • Google+ For Android Updated For Better App Support
    [August 16, 2013] As previously reported, Google is launching an update to its Google+ app for Android with a number of changes. Among them are some new features specifically for Google Apps customers.
  • Diffbot Can Read Extracted Data From E-commerce Sites
    [August 5, 2013] Diffbot announced today that it is relasing a new API that uses robots to understand and extract data from e-commerce sites.
  • How to Get Higher Rankings for Your WordPress Site
    [July 15, 2013] Every site owner and blogger wants their content to rank highly in the search engines for key terms. A lot of that has to do with the quality of the content, how well it’s optimized and how many other well ranking sites think it’s worth linking to.
  • Google Makes Improvement in Sitelinks; Giving More Flexibility to Webmasters!
    [June 24, 2013] Detailed and precise ads can help people in making more informed decisions. Website owners provide sitelinks to help people go deeper into the website and find information faster.